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MBA Chaiwala Net Worth:Prafull Billore or better known as MBA Chaiwala is a businessman, entrepreneur, investor, keynote speaker, digital content creator, influencer, and the CEO of MBA CHAIWALA PVT. LTD. Prafull Billore was born on 14th January 1996 in the Dhar district of Indore, Madhya Pradesh into a Hindu family.

Prafull Billore is one of the youngest millionaires of India and he earned so much fame and money in such a short time with his own skills as a businessman and an entrepreneur. He says he always wanted to be a “big businessman” and he has become one, with his skills and talents alone. He went from being a Bachelor of Commerce dropout to a renowned entrepreneur with a turnover of more than 4 crores. Read till the end to find out how he went from being nothing to being one of the richest youngsters in India.

After dropping out of college while pursuing his MBA in Finance, he started selling tea at his own stall which he started by borrowing 8000 rupees from his father. When he earned 300 rupees on the first day of selling tea, he came up with an idea for a business and after putting a lot of thought into his idea, he founded MBA Chaiwala Pvt. Ltd. When his company made a turnover of more than 4 crores, he made the highlights all over the internet and social media.

MBA Chaiwala Net Worth

PrafullBillore became an internet sensation and an inspiration to the millions of youngsters all over social media. He currently has over 979k subscribers on his YouTube channel (Prafull MBA CHAI WALA), 154k followers on Twitter (@Prafull_mbachai), 97.8k followers on Instagram(@mbachaiwalaind), and 7.5k likes on his Facebook Page (MBA Chai Wala). His YouTube channel has more than 156 million views in total.

Interesting facts about MBA Chaiwala

  • Prafull Billore’s Net Worth is about 22 crore rupees ($3 Million) approximately.
  • He has organized events like “Free chai for Singles” on Valentine’s Day, “Mehfil-E-Kavita” for Poetry and Music lovers, and fundraiser events for cancer patients and disaster victims.
  • Prafull dreamt of selling tea and making a business out of it. He used to say that he would serve tea for 40-50 rupees and have the customers drink tea sitting comfortably in a café. His dream has come true because he used to believe in the saying “where there’s a will there’s a way.”
  • On 2nd June 2022, Prafull uploaded a video of his father on social media, where he is seen handing sweets to the employees in his son’s new office.

His tea became popular and Prafulla went ahead. Today, his one day’s earning is 1.5 lakh and the entire month’s earning is Approx 45 lakh rupees. The total net worth of Prafull is around 30 million. Prafull has his own YouTube channel from which he earns.

Some FAQ

Q. Who is the owner of MBA chai wala?

Prafull Billore – Founder

Q. Is MBA Chaiwala a billionaire?

Fast forward five years, the 25-year-old is now a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who has built MBA Chai wala, a Rs 4 crore turnover business with 50 outlets pan India.

Q. What is the net worth of Prafull Billore?

Approximately 30 million rupees.

Q. How old is Prafull Billore?

26 Years.

Q. Who is India’s most iconic chai wala?

He’s Arguably The Most Famous Chai Waala In India And You’ve Probably Never Heard About Him. Meet Laxman Rao, a tea seller by day and an author by night. Hailing from a small village in Amravati district in Maharashtra, he left home when he was 18 with just Rs 40 in his pocket.

Q. Who started Chaiwala?

The 2021 children’s book Chaiwala! by Priti Birla Maheshwari “Sweetly captures a slice of Indian life.” while telling the story of a little girl’s experience getting chai with her mother at a train station in India. The book is published in Canada by OwlKids Books and illustrated by Ashley Barron.

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  1. Once I was in India since 1990 I was sitting in garden I asked my self start a business and start working on it. After that I meet a group of friends they are discussing about Franchises I asked multpal questions and they give me proper answers. I come back to home and thinking about it. After one months I started tea business which I purchased from MBA CHAI WALA Franchises. In one year I got handsome income.

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